Where Do Butterflies Live?

Can you picture a family of butterflies curled up by the fire, watching the nightly news after having a long chat at the dinner table about each other’s day in the pasture? No!? Then where do butterflies live?

If one were to just ask where butterflies live, it would be a bit too vague of a question for a simple answer, since there are literally hundreds of thousands of butterfly and moth species. However, most butterflies remain active throughout the day searching for nectar and other butterfly food. At night, you can usually find most butterflies resting on the underside of leaves or finding refuge in small crevices such as the space between a couple of rocks.

Most butterflies do not live in a home, house, or dwelling of any sort, although some species are known to make a home in man-made butterfly houses that you can buy at the hardware store or gardening center. Butterflies also like a warm environment (who wouldn’t if you’re outside all day!?) and often can’t survive in areas that have a cold winter. Instead, they lay larvae or eggs that will withstand the cold and keep their species alive and kicking for another generation.

So, ultimately, the majority of butterflies live and move outside, contributing miraculous beauty to our surroundings.

Butterflies in the United States of America

We are making lists of every butterfly you can find in each state in America.