Butterflies in Florida

Common Butterflies in Florida

You can find all sorts of butterflies in the state of Florida. Some of the most common ones include:

Monarch Butterfly

Monarchs are the largest butterfly species in North America. They have a wingspan of up to 3 feet. They are usually a light purple or blue with a white or yellow pattern on their wings. They live in the open expanses of the US, Canada, and Mexico. They prefer to live near sources of water, such as streams, rivers, and lakes.

American Lady Butterfly

The American Lady butterfly is a large, colorful butterfly. It is found in temperate and subtropical regions of North America. Its habitat includes meadows, fields, forests, and gardens.

Red Admiral Butterfly

The Red Admiral butterfly is a brightly-colored butterfly that is found in the tropical regions of the world. They are usually found near bodies of water, such as rivers or lakes, and can also be found in forests.

Viceroy Butterfly

The Viceroy butterfly is a medium-sized butterfly with a wingspan of about 2 inches. It has a bright blue upperside with a brown band across the middle. The underside is a light blue with a series of brown stripes. The butterfly is found in tropical climates throughout the Americas. It is most commonly found in moist forest areas, but can also be found near streams or near the edge of open areas.

Common Buckeye Butterfly

The Common Buckeye butterfly is a small brown and yellow butterfly that can be found in dry open areas such as prairies, open woodlands, and meadows.

Black Swallowtail Butterfly

The Black Swallowtail butterfly is a colorful butterfly that typically resides in open areas such as fields, meadows, or forests. They are usually seen flying around in large flocks.

Cabbage White Butterfly

The Cabbage White butterfly is a small butterfly with a wingspan of about 2 inches. The wings are a light cream color and have a series of wide black stripes. The butterfly is found in open areas, such as fields and meadows, where it feeds on nectar from flowers.

Orange Sulphur Butterfly

The Orange Sulphur butterfly is a beautiful butterfly that can be found in the eastern United States. They are usually found in deciduous and mixed woods, but are also found in urban areas. They are usually active during the day, but may be active at night if there is light. They are very social butterflies and often stay close to their host plants.

Pearl Crescent Butterfly

The Pearl Crescent butterfly has a bright orange wings and a black band across its middle. They are found in Florida, Texas, and California. Their habitat is dense forests with lots of flowery plants.

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

A Gray Hairstreak butterfly is a large butterfly with a gray body and wings. They are found in open habitats with plenty of flowering plants, such as meadows, fields, and forests.

Butterflies in Florida by County

Did you know there are 67 counties in the state of Florida? We’ve made lists of all the different butterflies in Florida for each of those counties. Find the name of the county you want to learn more about in the list below: