Butterflies in Ohio

Common Butterflies in Ohio

You can find all sorts of butterflies in the state of Ohio. Some of the most common ones include:

Black Swallowtail Butterfly

A Black Swallowtail butterfly is a beautiful butterfly with black wings and a blue tail. They are found in warm, humid areas such as forests and gardens.

Cabbage White Butterfly

The Cabbage White butterfly is a beautiful butterfly that is native to the United States. They are usually a light brown or white color, with a wingspan of about 1.5 inches. They are usually found in open areas, such as fields, meadows, and gardens, but can also be found in forested areas.

Clouded Sulphur Butterfly

A Clouded Sulphur butterfly is a brightly coloured butterfly that can be found in open areas with plenty of sunshine. They are often found near streams or rivers.

Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly

Eastern Tailed-Blue butterflies are light blue with a black tail. They live in open areas, such as meadows and fields, and fly during the day.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflies are large and brightly coloured, with black and yellow markings on their wings. They are found in open, grassy areas, near bodies of water.

Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly

The Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly is a beautiful butterfly with a large wingspan. They are usually found in open areas with lots of bushes and trees, and are known to migrate south in the winter.

Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch butterfly is a beautiful butterfly with a wingspan of up to three inches. They are mostly black with speckles of white, and their wings are adorned with colorful bands. They are common in North America, but can also be found in Europe and Asia. Monarchs prefer open areas with lots of flowers, such as meadows and forests, but they are also found near human populations. They are attracted to light, so you will often see them flitting around streetlights or porchlights.

Orange Sulphur Butterfly

Orange Sulphur butterflies are medium-sized butterflies that are mostly orange with black markings. They are found in the tropics, typically in open areas with high concentrations of flowers.

Pearl Crescent Butterfly

A Pearl Crescent butterfly is mostly a light brown with white and yellow stripes across the wings. They are found in meadows, forest, and other areas with lots of wildflowers.

Peck’s Skipper Butterfly

The Peck’s Skipper butterfly is a small, colorful butterfly that is found in open habitats such as meadows, fields, orchards, or woodlands.

Butterflies in Ohio by County

Did you know there are 88 counties in the state of Ohio? We’ve made lists of all the different butterflies in Ohio for each of those counties. Find the name of the county you want to learn more about in the list below: