Butterfly Garden Plan

Putting together a butterfly garden plan isn’t as intimidating as it may sound. The goal of any butterfly garden is to draw in and keep your very own population of butterflies. A butterfly garden doesn’t require a lot of space or in-depth gardening knowledge to pull off.

Attracting and keeping butterflies in your garden is as simple as planting and growing the plants that butterflies and caterpillars feed on. There are tons of gardening books available with more information about which plants are best for butterflies and which plants are best for caterpillars. With a healthy mix of both that have different cycles of bloom, you can have an active butterfly garden all year long.

One suggestion that is popular is to create protection from the wind in your butterfly garden. The easiest way to protect your butterflies from wind is to plan large bushes and shrubs to create a natural windbreak. When you’re planning the location of your butterfly garden make sure to take into account which way the wind normally blows on your property and act accordingly.

With a successful butterfly garden plan, you’ll be enjoying your own butterfly collection all day long. You will begin to notice natural behaviors and facts about butterflies that you would not normally notice in other settings. For instance, after a rain shower butterflies can be seen drinking from the soil that has gotten wet. Or maybe you will see territorial males chasing other males away while female butterflies go through their routine in deciding on where to lay eggs.