New Butterfly Species Discovered in Russua

Alexander Dantchenko, an entomologist at the Moscow State University, and Vladimir Lukhtanov, a biologist at the Zoological Institute in St. Petersburg, discovered a brand new butterfly species they are calling the South-Russian blue. This new species was found in the northern reaches of the Caucasus mountains in the south of Russia. What makes the South-Russian … Read more

Purple Emperor Makes Early Appearance in Britain

The purple emperor, one of Britain’s rarest butterflies, made its earliest appearance this year when it showed up at the Nation Trust’s Bookham Common on June 11th. The purple emperor, or Apatura iris, despite their names have dark brown wings with white bands and spots. The males have a purple tint that the females do … Read more

Monarch Migration In Danger

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation, based in Montreal, is issuing warnings to Mexico, Canada and the United States about the dangers facing the annual Monarch butterfly migration. The CEC says an increase in herbicide and pesticide use is one of the reasons causing the monarch’s trip from Mexico to Canada to become more treacherous. The … Read more