The Butterfly Garden Guidebook

Our Butterfly Garden Guidebook will help you attract butterflies to your very own lawn and garden.

The guidebook has tips on design, plants and much more.

Our 40 page guide to attracting butterflies to your house is 11,000 words covering everything you need to know about how to design your garden, plant the right flowers and avoid pesky predators.

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – A Joy To Watch
    • Butterfly Numbers Are Declining But You Can Help 5
  • Chapter 2 – Attracting Butterflies
    • A Garden For All Stages Of A Butterfly’s Life
      • Egg
      • Caterpillar
      • Chrysalis
      • Adult
    • Seasonal Changes In Your Garden
    • When Will The Butterflies Appear?
  • Chapter 3 – What Makes A Flower Attractive To A Butterfly?
    • Nectar
    • Flower Color
    • Flower Shape And Design
  • Chapter 4 – Garden Design: First Steps
    • What Butterflies Fly In Your Area?
    • Climate
    • Soil
  • Chapter 5 – Garden Design: Extras
    • Water
    • Butterfly Houses
    • Mini-Meadow Of Wildflowers
    • Encouraging Moths To Visit Your Garden
  • Chapter 6 – Garden Design: Basics
    • Mapping The General Areas
    • What If Your Garden Is Small?
    • Choosing Your Plants
    • Designing Your Butterfly Garden
  • Chapter 7 – Wildlife In The Garden: Good And Bad
    • A Healthy Garden
    • Maintenance
    • Safe Options To Fight Pests
    • Common Pests
      • Slugs
      • Aphids
      • Ants
  • Chapter 8 – Butterfly Predators
    • Birds
    • Toads, Frogs, And Lizards
    • Praying Mantis
    • Parasitic Wasps
  • Chapter 9 – You Can Make A Difference
    • Is Breeding Butterflies For Release Good Or Bad?
    • A Wonderful Opportunity
  • Appendix

The Butterfly Garden Guidebook from will help you bring your favorite species of butterflies right to your living space. The guidebook has fundamental tips to get you planting the right flowers, trees and shrubs to promote and attract butterflies.

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