Morpho Butterfly Rainforest

The Blue Morpho butterfly, from the Lepidoptera order and the Nymphalidae family, live in the jungles of South and Central America. They very easy to spot even amongst the jungle canopy thanks to their very bright and shiny light blue wings. At the end of those wings are small brown dots. The brown shades continue to the underside of their wings which contains shades of brown, red, black and even some gray. While the males are very blue the females are less or not blue at all.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Some interesting facts about butterflies, like the Blue Morpho in particular, are that they fly quickly through the thick jungle amongst the canopy. They enjoy bright sunlight and are their most active when they are in the bright light of the sun.

With a length of nearly six inches, the Blue Morpho butterfly is one of the largest butterflies in the rainforest. If you’re planning a trip any time soon to Costa Rica, Brazil or Venezuela you might want to see about taking a trip into the jungle on a professional tour to see this rare and interesting butterfly. The Morpho butterfly is becoming endangered in its natural rainforest habitat. While conservation in North American butterfly houses is ongoing you might want to make a trip soon to see the butterfly in its natural environment.